Not Afraid To Speak


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Mission Statement: Not Afraid To Speak (NATS)

Not Afraid To Speak (NATS) fights to eradicate the substandard treatment and subjugation of people of color, in all areas of American society, forcefully, but without violence.


America, we are tired and we are Not Afraid To Speak. And Speak we must. We will use our voices, in every legal manner available, to advocate for all people unfavorably treated systemically in our country.

NATS exists to be a force of progress, to give hope to the powerless, to make real change at every level of the government. We work to improve the lives of those who have been denied equal treatment under the law for too long.

We stand united, a diverse group of people fueled by a desire to work towards equity and equality for All and by a common need to uplift, inspire, empower, support, the voiceless victims ignored and left behind by a society of privilege.

We do not fight with violence. We wage war against injustice in all sectors of American society by speaking truth to power, by using advocacy to enact change. Our focus includes but is not limited to: law enforcement, education, finance, housing, employment, healthcare, and the criminal justice system.

NATS works to ensure law enforcement is held publicly accountable for any and all use of force, that any excess use of force is explained in a detailed, transparent, and timely manner.

We work to end police brutality, choke-holds, DWB stops, racial profiling, no-knock warrants, and wrongful imprisonment of POC, especially Black males.

Arrests for non-violent and misdemeanor crimes should never end in death.

Anyone who makes false allegations against POC must be held criminally accountable.

We strive to do our part to create a society where every human, especially Black people and other marginalized groups who have suffered intolerable pain for far too long, can live free from fear and harm in their homes, neighborhoods, cities, country.

We are Not Afraid To Speak. The time for change is NOW.